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A rare photo of the TyrantOverlord


17 (According to sources)




Twitter: @TyrantOverlord

Skype: TyrantOverlord

Youtube: Ultimedray

Steam: TyrantOverlord

Xboxlive: TyrantOverlord

PSN: Raythehedgehog

The TyrantOverlord is a rare a mysterious creature. Not much is known about it, except for the fact that it enjoys DeliciousCinnamon and is almost always on the forum.

What is the TyrantOverlord?Edit


The TyrantOverlord has silver blue eyes, a thin head of brown hair, and nerdy glasses. It likes to wear button up shirts with t-shirts that reference things.

It's said that the TyrantOverlord is attractive, but it denies such claims.


The TyrantOverlord is near sighted making it difficult to see anything without glasses. The TyrantOverlord does not have much physical strength, but instead has a high intellect, though it does not use it much. It has difficulty doing simple things thus it does things in more convoluted and nonsensical ways.


The TyrantOverlord and DeliciousCinnamonEdit


The TyrantOverlord was reading an update on VG Cats[1] that linked to a video of a game called Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal. The TyrantOverlord watched all the videos that where available at the time and got hooked.

The ForumEdit

The DeliciousCinnamon forum[2] is one of the few places you can find the TyrantOverlord. It is known for being one of the top posters, with just under a third as many likes as bones9302.



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