Throughout the Let's Play of Dead Space, a variety of Necromorphs are encountered. Some gain individual names, while certain types get a new name for their species.


Fatty/The LeviathanEdit

The names given to the Necromorph known officially as "The Hunter", which was Isaac's love interest during the playthrough according to Mysh. It is know as "The Leviathan" due to a confusion involving the name, when Mysh called it so during a snazzy intro.

Wall DubzEdit

Wall Dubz is a stationary Necromorph that latches onto any vertical surface it finds; it has the ability to make Bert uncomfortable during every encounter.


Cedric, the Unicroptoren, was one of the first Necromorphs to be given a name. As described by Dubz he always looks "confident" and "he just wants a hug". Later on in the game, they find Cedric 2.0, who wears a suit because he's "fancy". His suit was originally mistaken for a Summer tan.


Jamal is considered to be the "Aplha Cedric". He is met in Dead Space: Chapter 4 Pt. 1.
Later on during the LP, his suit-clad cousin Marquese appears instead of Jamal.


Stephen is a short-running background character who occasionally appeared in Cinematics. He is thought to be working with the Evil Scientist, but it is only speculation at this point. Stephen appears to have a certain affinity for Air Vents, even compared to other Necromorphs.

Group NamesEdit


Necromorphs that appear to have baby heads and tentacles and have a tendency to move very quickly and jump sporadically. When they die, they emit a very horrible screech.


These have a flat shaped appearance and attack in mobs. Their movement patterns make it so that they appear to flop around, giving them their names.


As the name suggests, these are given their name because of their very slender appearance and the fact that they will sometimes appear right in front of whomever is playing, surprising them.


These necromorphs tend to be rather large in size, and if not executed properly, will release flippity floppers on death. Mommymorphs are not the fastest necromorphs in the game, but they get the job done.