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Lex Luthor in Superman 64

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"If you want to save your friends, solve my maze." - Lex LuthorEdit

First encountered by DeliciousCinnamon during their livestream of Superman 64, Lex is Lex Luthor, Superman's arch enemy and CEO of LexCorp.

During the game it is very easy to fail, resulting in the game over screen, which states "Lex Wins", along with an audio clip of Lex laughing. Due to the amount of failures while DC were playing, "Lex Wins" and Lex himself became major DeliciousCinnamon memes, and could be said to be DC's nemesis.

The many forms of LexEdit

Over time, Lex has been said to appear in many different forms, usually because of either being largely invulnerable, or being a scumbag, or a mixture of both. Even DeliciousCinnamon member Mysh has been rumored to be Lex, during the video, "TF2 PropHunt (feat. OdysseyGamez & Kippesoep001) Pt. 3 ".

  • The Shopkeeper in Spelunky
  • Cave Lex (The caveman in Spelunky)
  • The Livestream chat
  • Mysh
  • Yoshi
  • The cause of all of DeliciousCinnamon's technical problems
  • The Mansion Key